What really drives Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

Medium roast coffee of course.

ISO 64 NATIVE, F/1.4 at 1/13 seconds using a monopod, 0EV using lens AF-S NIKKOR 85MM F/1.4G on Nikon D810 FX

The medium roast from Kona Farm Direct is 100% Kona ESTATE Coffee. We picked this up on our Hawaii trip. Steep pricing wise at $37-$40 for 16oz but worth it. Should have brought more!

Kona Coffee bean tree

Kona Coffee bean tree at the Kona Coffee Living History Farm in Kona District, Hawaii.

The farm established in 1900 is still functional and produces distinct Kona coffee that sells for $38 per small bag about 4 times that of a standard medium roast.

Coffee flower at 1/320 seconds handheld and Nikkor F/1.4 58mm on Nikon D810 FX
Coffee beans at 1/40 seconds handheld and Nikkor F/1.4 58mm on Nikon D810 FX

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