Filing a provisional patent to “Patent Pending”


The patent was filed recently and the technology behind Generative Stories (referenced here) in now “Patent Pending”.

Edits and Modifications

The lawyer made a number of changes to the order in which I had written the patent. He used the entire content I had written shout modifications, but added a bunch of legal language to make the claims more generic.

He also asked me to renumber the drawings to make the numbering less ambiguous.  I also added step by step instructions on the various processes per my lawyers request.

Order to items in Provisional Patent

Here his the final order of the provisional patent application.


  1. Field of the Invention
  2. Description of Related Art






The following Documents were attached with the PPA

  1. Drawings in black and white (6 pages)
  2. Power of Attorney (1 page)
  3. Certification of Micro Entity (Gross Income Basis, 2 pages)
  4. Provisional Cover Sheet (SB16, 3 pages)
  5. Specification (the actual content of the provisional patent, 22 pages)
  6. Fee Worksheet (2 pages)

I also received an Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt including the following:

  1. EFS ID,
  2. Application Number,
  3. a Confirmation Number,
  4. a RAM confirmation Number.
  5. timestamp of submission.

Finally, the lawyer mentioned I add and highlight Patent Pending on all pages of the website, and printed or posted documentation.

As soon as I submitted the provisional patent, I got bunch of additional ideas based on feedback from other entrepreneurs I met at conferences, and meetings.

Additional Provisional Patents

Unfortunately, you can not modify a provisional patent.  I will therefor be writing another provisional patent with the new ideas and when I submit a patent in less than a year, I will have to link to both provisional patents.