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Lived through the final AI Winter? Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Intelligence, Enterprise, 8 patents Cofounder+CEO Encounters & Pyze, Husband & father of twins. Previously CTO, SVP Products: Vivo, Reply, CustomerSat, MarketTools, Infor, @Road, Baan, TCS.

Interactive Bar Charts as alternative​ to Pie Charts for Data Visualization (updated)

Pie charts are most widely used in business visualizations and there are people who are passionately against and enthusiastically for using pie charts. Interactive Bar Charts are an alternative.

There is an AI-Assistant for that

Pervasiveness of Artificial Intelligence augmented Digital Assistants and what’s next

Mapping Qualitative Reasoning to Quantitative Analytics

Qualitative Analytics bridges the gap between how business users think, compared to how machines interpret data.

Users want Exhilarating and Immersive Experiences

Current e-commerce stores lack the one-on-one personalized experiences that shoppers expect from brands.

Why Chatbots still have a long way to go — Hint: It’s more than NLP Intent Inference

For Chatbots to be successful, they need to convert natural language to intent effectively, use intent to queries for backend systems.

20+ years of A|B Testing: Bucket Testing to Reinforcement Learning

A lot of product companies try A|B testing and give-up as it does not produce results or desired results.