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4 ways Pokémon Go Mastered the Viral Loop + addendum

Pokémon Go exploded seemingly overnight. The augmented reality app’s astoundingly rapid success is due, at least in part, to its mastery of “viral loop” marketing.

A drone is a smartphone that flies

Your app running on a non-flying smartphone is the peripheral brain that controls and configures the drone which is a “smartphone that flies”

Growth Decisions Based on Tracked Positive & Negative Experiences

Basing decisions on tracked sum-total of positive and negative experiences in a product can help with growth.

Why relying on conventional segmentation techniques alone can be detrimental to growth

Relying on demographic, geographic, technographic or psychographic segmentation alone?
Sorry, you missed the candy-crush-saga-playing 76yr old male & calculus-loving 11 year old girl.

9 ways to make login walls suck less

Login Walls affect App Growth. Do you need a login? If so, what should you track? Read about delayed vs. upfront logins, guest access vs. forced password recovery, social logins, password-less logins, fingerprint readers like touch ID, and Face ID.

Messaging: Yesterday vs. today & tomorrow

A look at the past, present and future of Mobile Messaging