“Patent Pending”

I wrote about writing a provisional patent myself and then hiring a lawyer on UpCounsel to edit and file the patent earlier. The patent was filed recently and the technology behind InsightStory.com Generative Stories (referenced here) in now “Patent Pending”. Edits and Modifications The lawyer made a number of changes to the order in which I had […]

Filing a Provisional Patent

I am filing a new provisional patent after five years. My most recent patent was before the Alice Corp. vs. CLS Bank ruling, which resulted in software patents to be written carefully following strict technical and legal requirements. My approach is to write the provisional patent draft myself along with the drawings, claims, detailed description, abstract, summary, etc. […]

Deep fakes and 2020 elections

I’m here at the TechCrunch Robotics and AI conference (#TCRobotics) in Berkeley and the topic of deep fakes was being discussed at a panel. The conversation of deep fakes in 2020 US elections was interesting in a panel with Alexei Efros (UC BerKeley) and Hany Farid (Dartmouth College.) AI synthesized fake What we have been […]

Organizations accepting AI and ML papers

ML and AI paper submissions need to be made much more accessible.  Everyone is talking about AI.  They are using scandolous stock photos, but that is because no one can understand your research. 😉 Please do not assume math PhDs and rocket scientists as audiences. If including code and data is not possible because of […]